a team of specialists

H.H Sheikh Khaled Bin Ahmed Bin Sultan Al Qassemi
The Private Office was established by H.H Sheikh Khaled Bin Ahmed Bin Sultan Al Qassemi to capitalize on the chances in potential business opportunities globally.

The Al Qassemi royal family are one of the six ruling families of the United Arab Emirates and rule two of the seven emirates: Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah. Sheikh Khaled Bin Ahmed Bin Sultan Al Qassemi is a member of the ruling family, Sharjah UAE.

The core of all initiatives executed by Sheikh Khaled are vested in his confidence in transformational change and innovation, and his commitment to excellence.

In our company we are constantly researching the market for various projects that may fit our goals and ensure profits.
The short listed ventures undergo the process of project identification and evaluation. Upon completion of the review and approval process, appropriate procedures will be initiated by a team of experienced people and will work to provide all required operations and strategic solutions to achieve desirable results.

Leveraging on the wealth of expertise of the Private Office’s management team, we aim to attract smart and ambitious business projects, thoroughly evaluate their market potential and comprehensively assess their potential and risk.

Our mission is to make use of investments and projects to secure profits and initiate more of eligible businesses opportunities in the future. On projects which are not within our preferred industry sectors or which do not meet our investment criteria, we still add value by leveraging on our wide network of contacts in the region, where we assist businesses in obtaining strategic and investment partners.